Summer Safety Tips To Breeze Through Summers


Summers are here again. Sun spreading its happy rays of sunshine, positivity & happiness but along with this comes the need to protect your skin from harsh summer sun.  It is the time to embrace sunscreens in a big way.  Sunscreens  protects your skin from sunburns, photoageing, hyperpigmentation, premature ageing, wrinkles and skin cancer. It also prevents the skin from tanning.

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Beauty Benefits Of Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is one of the most effective natural beauty ingredients. Turmeric, when combined with milk, is a potent health and beauty aid.


The health benefits of turmeric milk are well-known but this concoction is also a great beauty aid. It gives an unmatched glow to your skin that even the most expensive creams fail to give and that too at a fraction of the cost. Drinking turmeric milk will not only boost your immune system and keep you healthy but will also give a radiant glow from within. This can be used to keep many skin problems at bay.

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Basic Skin Care Tips For Winter

Hola Everyone,
Winters are here in full swing and I just love winters but this weather is harsh for the skin. The cold weather and low humidity levels make the skin dry by taking away the moisture from the skin. All this calls for special care as if not treated can lead to cracking and bleeding.

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Review Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Instant Glow Mask

Hello Everyone,

I am back with a review. This time it’s an Instant Glow Mask from Vedantika Herbals. I loved the product. This is an Ayurvedic product.

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DIY Antiageing & Brightening Facial Serum

Hello Everyone,

Serums are the latest craze in skin care products because they are lightweight, easy to apply and give quick results.A serum is to be applied to the skin after cleansing but before moisturising.

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Two Ingredients DIY Anti-Ageing Face Mask

Hello Everyone,

This post comes after a long break. I have been away for a long time, busy with festivities. Now back with a new post. My post is a simple two ingredients DIY anti-ageing face mask for wrinkles and ageing skin.

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Cinnamon For Flawless Skin


Cinnamon is an indispensable part of Indian cuisine, mostly used as a part of spice mix (garam masala) to impart flavour and taste to curries and dishes. But beauty benefits of this spice is seldom known. Cinnamon is great for skin and helps in treating minor skin issues. It gives a flawless and youthful looking skin. Here are some ways in which you can use cinnamon for beautiful skin Continue reading “Cinnamon For Flawless Skin”