DIY Home Made Toners


A proper skin care regimen has four steps viz cleaning, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. Toning is an important part of skin care regimen as are cleaning and moisturizing. Toning helps to open up the closed pores of your skin which helps moisturizers to penetrate deeply into your skin and giving way to a supple skin. Continue reading “DIY Home Made Toners”

Simple Ways To Be Happy And Beautiful

Hi Lovelies,
Today through this post I am going to share some of the simple ways to be happy and beautiful.
A beautiful skin is an outcome of a happy mind. Beautiful skin and happiness are interrelated. When you are happy, it shows in your skin with a brilliant radiance. A happy mind creates a sense of peace and calmness which helps to heal the body within holistically. Being happy is not only good for skin, body and health but it also affects your thinking.

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Plants with Immense Beauty Benefits


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For natural beauty treatments without any side effects, plants are the safest bet. We many times are unaware of the immense beauty benefits of plants that are commonly found in our household. Today through my post, you will come to know about some plants with immense beauty benefits. You will be surprised to know the beauty benefits of these plants that guarantee a beautiful glow and a luscious mane. Grow these plants and start the journey to Beautiful you.

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Face Pack for Treating Hyperpigmentation



We all yearn for a flawless and unblemished skin. Uneven skin tone and excess pigmentation affect our self-esteem. In my previous post, I had shared some tips to get rid of hyperpigmentation naturally. Today I am sharing two face packs that are very effective for treating hyperpigmentation or dark spots. Natural ingredients are the best way to lighten pigmentation as they are without any side effects and they help enhance your beauty naturally. These face packs are easy to make and all the ingredients are right there in your kitchen.

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Natural Ways of Exfoliation for Beautiful Skin

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am going to give you some simple DIY recipes for exfoliation at home.

Our skin is continuously shedding dead skin cells, which if not removed adheres to the surface and gives a dull and rough appearance. These dead skin cells clog the pores and prevent the secretion of oils from the skin which results in acne and blemishes. A regular exfoliation can prevent this build up of dead cells, and reveal soft glowing skin.

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Natural Cleansers For Beautiful Skin


Cleansing is the most essential part of a beautiful skin. Proper cleansing gives a glowing skin by clearing the pores, preventing the build up of dirt and letting your skin breathe. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on face washes to get clear skin.  Simple ingredients from the kitchen can cleanse your skin naturally and give you that radiant glow. These natural cleansers will clean your skin without stripping it of natural oils.

Start your journey to ‘beautiful you’ with these natural cleansers. 

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