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Quick Tips For Beautiful Skin

Hello Everyone,

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Today’s post is about some quick tips that can bring about a change in your skin.

We all want to have a beautiful skin but the beautiful skin is a function of what we do both internally and externally.  It tells the story of the kind of life we have lived. Our skin has several defence systems that help to protect us from the different conditions such as physical ravages, emotional turmoil and even illnesses. Our skin reflects on the food we eat and the way we treat ourselves. Just a little bit of care and we can live beautifully both internally and externally.

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Review Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Instant Glow Mask

Hello Everyone,

I am back with a review. This time it’s an Instant Glow Mask from Vedantika Herbals. I loved the product. This is an Ayurvedic product.

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Hibiscus For Healthy Hair


Hello Everyone,

Today I am sharing two simple but effective ways to get rid of all your hair woes.

Hibiscus flower has lately become my favourite in hair care.  Hibiscus has many hair benefits. It is a panacea for hair problems such as hair fall, dry & brittle hair, thinning hair, & greying hair.  If you are troubled with any hair issues then try Hibiscus flowers.

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Hair Growth Serum For Falling Hair

Hair Growth Serum For Falling Hair

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Hair growth depends on a lot of factors and the most common factors that affect it are hormones and climate. Hormonal fluctuations, climate changes and stress can wreck a havoc on your beautiful tresses. To keep hair problems at bay; take care of your diet, massage your head to boost circulation and do breathing exercises to keep away stress.

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DIY Antiageing & Brightening Facial Serum

Hello Everyone,

Serums are the latest craze in skin care products because they are lightweight, easy to apply and give quick results.A serum is to be applied to the skin after cleansing but before moisturising.

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Review: Coccoon Eternal Youth Smart Night Serum + Intense Repair

Hello Everyone,

I am back with a review after a long hiatus. It has been a pretty hectic month with festivities in full swing.

Today’s post is my review of Coccoon Eternal Youth Smart Night Serum + Intense Repair.


I am always looking out for products which are made from natural ingredients.




The Product: 

Coccoon Eternal Youth Smart Night Serum + Intense Repair





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It works to protect, brighten and nourishes your skin while you sleep.

It reduces fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.

It is packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and it;s restorative properties give your beauty sleep a whole new meaning.




The product comes in a white cardboard box packaging with detailed information printed on it.
The serum is packaged in a green coloured semi-transparent easy to use spray pump bottle. The spray pump ensures zero wastage and hygiene.  The spray pump also has lock-in feature that makes it travel and use friendly.




Kakadu Plum Extract- It is one of the core ingredients. It is rich in vitamin C and also has antioxidants like Gallic acid which restores the skin’s natural barrier and Ellagic acid which restores the elasticity of the skin.

Shea Butter- It is rich in natural vitamins and fatty acids and helps moisturize and nourish the skin. It also helps reduce skin inflammation.

Licorice- It helps in reducing the appearance of dark under-eye circles, discolouration and age spots.

Price: INR 599/- for 30g

Ideal: For All Skin Types

Best Feature: Dermatologically Approved & Clinically Tested by Experts

Shelf Life: 2 years

Usage: Apply few drops and rub gently over entire face, avoiding the eyes, before going to bed.

My Experience


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Two Ingredients DIY Anti-Ageing Face Mask

Hello Everyone,

This post comes after a long break. I have been away for a long time, busy with festivities. Now back with a new post. My post is a simple two ingredients DIY anti-ageing face mask for wrinkles and ageing skin.

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