Simple DIY Natural Hair Dyes

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Flaunting grey hair is not everyone’s cup of tea. Grey hair may be a sign of wisdom and maturity but premature greying implies that something is amiss. It is better to evaluate the reason behind premature greying before starting any treatment. At the first signs of greying, we tend to go for cover up. Hair dyes are the easiest way to cover  up the greys but they are actually chemicals and lead to hair fall, more greying and sometimes even cause allergic reactions thus affecting health.

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Superfoods To Prevent & Reduce Greying

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Greying is a natural process but if it happens early in life, then it is a matter of worry.  Stress, poor nutrition and genetics affect the greying process. Though greying can be due to heredity and this is not in our hands but still; right hair care along with proper diet can keep the tresses looking beautiful without any sign of grey till mid 40s. Food does play an important role in preventing greying and preserving hair colour longer.My last post was about a DIY solution to darken and delay greying.  This post is about the foods that can prevent and reduce greying.

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How To Darken And Delay Greying Naturally

In your 40s but no sign of grey hair! Is this a miracle or is this possible? Yes! indeed this is possible. You can darken and delay greying naturally, without harming your hairs.

With pollution levels an all time high, toxins in and around us in form of chemical laden fruits and vegetables, having the right diet seems next to impossible for most of us. Due to absence of proper diet, stress and other factors, premature greying is quite common. Hair dye is the only way to cover greys but it harms the hairs in the long run. The other option is with henna but it is messy and not everybody likes the colour it imparts to the hair.

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Summer Safety Tips To Breeze Through Summers


Summers are here again. Sun spreading its happy rays of sunshine, positivity & happiness but along with this comes the need to protect your skin from harsh summer sun.  It is the time to embrace sunscreens in a big way.  Sunscreens  protects your skin from sunburns, photoageing, hyperpigmentation, premature ageing, wrinkles and skin cancer. It also prevents the skin from tanning.

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Beauty Benefits Of Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is one of the most effective natural beauty ingredients. Turmeric, when combined with milk, is a potent health and beauty aid.


The health benefits of turmeric milk are well-known but this concoction is also a great beauty aid. It gives an unmatched glow to your skin that even the most expensive creams fail to give and that too at a fraction of the cost. Drinking turmeric milk will not only boost your immune system and keep you healthy but will also give a radiant glow from within. This can be used to keep many skin problems at bay.

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Basic Skin Care Tips For Winter

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Winters are here in full swing and I just love winters but this weather is harsh for the skin. The cold weather and low humidity levels make the skin dry by taking away the moisture from the skin. All this calls for special care as if not treated can lead to cracking and bleeding.

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DIY Hair Mask For Faster Hair Growth

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Luscious locks are what we all dream of but in present conditions such as exposure to pollution, hard water, hair styling products, chemicals in form of serums, shampoos and heat tools, this seems like a dream. Our hairs show the effect in form of hair fall, hair thinning, premature greying and other woes. I am a firm believer in going natural and I make use of easily available products. I use plenty of homemade products to keep my hairs healthy and strong.

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