About Me

Hello Lovelies…

Welcome to my world and let us begin a journey together – ‘A Journey to Beautiful You’.

I am Sujata but my friends call me ‘Suji’ and yeah I love my name as I feel so loved. Describing me is a bit tough as I am not limited by any boundaries. I am like a flowing river; dynamic and always on the move. For me ‘Nothing is Impossible’. I am an artist, perfectionist per se, big foodie, budding photographer and a natural therapist. Yeah, a lot of things….basically I am in love with Life and everything that makes life beautiful.

I started this blog to share my experiences on natural beauty care for a beautiful you but without spending a ‘Fortune’. Here you will find an easy solution to pertinent beauty problems faced by many of us. This blog is an honest culmination of my experiences and sharing what worked for me and many like me, so in a way, these have been time tested again and again thus proving their efficacy.

In my quest for perfection, I came upon ‘Beauty Sutraa’ as there is nothing as such ‘perfect beauty product’. This blog is the beginning of a beautiful journey that makes ‘Beautiful You’ because I believe that a beautiful world starts with you. So Be Positive and Natural. The solutions provided here are in tandem with modern research. I have tried to give simple and easy solutions to common beauty problems with easily available ingredients as ‘To be Beautiful is right of everyone’.

The name Beauty Sutraa came up as it is a link to beauty both internal and external. A holistic approach gives the best results