Beauty is not just about a pretty face but it is skin deep.Beauty is a celebration of life. To be beautiful we have to be in harmony within ourselves. Skin imperfections can mar the beauty, so the best way to deal with this is holistically and in a gentle way. Beauty Sutraa aims at bringing the harmony with nature and healing holistically with ingredients that are commonly found.

Nature has immense potential to take care of our problems in a gentle way. By keeping things ‘Au Naturale’, we are in sync with nature which results in a beautiful mind and body.

‘Beauty Sutraa’ provides a  natural solution from the untapped natural resources. Everywhere around us is chemical and we are living on a chemical bomb which can explode anytime and lead to hyper problems. Most products even those that claim to be natural are actually a cocktail of chemicals which gradually harm our skin and us. We have to accept the fact that any product that we get off the shelves has to be chemical because of the need for a long shelf life, fragrance and so on. Many of the products have fancy names which we fail to comprehend while many products cost a bombshell and off our limits.

‘Beauty Sutraa’ is a journey to a beautiful you with a holistic approach. This blog is the beginning of a beautiful journey that makes ‘Beautiful You’ because I believe that a beautiful world starts with you. Always Be Positive and Natural. I have tried to give simple and easy solutions to common beauty problems with easily available ingredients as ‘To be Beautiful is right of everyone’. Many of the solutions might work for some and not for others as each one of us is different and Unique.

The name Beauty Sutraa came up as it is a link to beauty both internal and external. A holistic approach gives the best results.